How we can partner

In the places, Kevin & Linsey have lived they have seen how people can, with physical, emotional and spiritual input, become hopeful, passionate and creative again. This revived passion and restoration often enables creative action that impact and influences a local environment in a sustained manner.

For those who wish to explore this process, Kevin & Linsey will share their experiences. They can journey with any who sense that their unique network, skills, knowledge, teaching, and insights can help facilitate an organic process of holistic restoration and renewal.

They speak at various events, mentor emerging leaders, support people, and faith communities who have a desire to live their hopes and dreams in community settings. 

They help incubate and support developing faith-based grassroots initiatives. As well as empowering people to live out their hopes and dreams in healthcare, education, business, and family. 

They also provide day-to-day practical and spiritual input to individuals, boards, and management who desire to follow the relational way of Jesus and engage in sustainable community change.

Part of this journey involves:

·      Recognising and highlighting the hopes and dreams that are present 

·      Agreeing to journey through change 

·      Developing a pathway of change, relevant to the individual or community

·      Helping everyone in the community travel on an integrated, relational, loving, learning and flexible adventure of change

·      Recognising and celebrating the highlights that occur.

The journey is organic, flexible, takes time, and requires an open, accountable, and long-term perspective. The fruit can be seen in the spiritual and practical creativity of people who are willing to take on this adventure. It also requires everyone involved having their minds and actions transformed and networking with others either locally or globally. The result is that people positively engage with each other in a loving manner that impacts their hopes and dreams and those they are living in community with. They actively love God, their neighbours and take part in the transformation of their environment.

Kevin and Linsey are part-funded by the support that comes through Springwater and some of the events they take part in. However, due to the financial limitations on grassroots communities, churches, charities, organisations and individuals, Kevin and Linsey donate their time for free and seek to raise money to support this venture through various other means. 

If you would like to help support this work, the people and communities Kevin & Linsey are assisting you can either join their support community and donate through Springwater or contact Kevin and Linsey directly.  

·      If you wish to read the story look at chapter 37 in the Prophecy of Ezekiel also know as the Book of Ezekiel.