How we can partner

Our journey has taken us through many different cultures and challenges, and in the process, we have worked alongside some wonderful people and seen God move in people and communities in unique ways.

On this journey, we have seen people engage with their passions, hopes and God given creativity in a way that enriches their lives and the lives of those they live amongst. This integrated action works with both individuals and communities.

It also helps create safe, (not comfortable) places where the isolated, vulnerable, creative and curious can taste the love of God and are encouraged to become more of who they are meant to be and have hope for this life and eternity.

For those who wish to explore this process, we are happy to share our experiences. We are willing to journey with anyone who feels our unique network, skills, knowledge, teaching, and insights can help facilitate an organic, holistic restoration and renewal process.

We help mentor emerging leaders and support people and faith communities who desire to live out their hopes and dreams in community settings. 

Our process involves ongoing practical and spiritual input for individuals, boards, leadership, and management teams and all those who desire to explore the hopes, dreams and desires God has placed within them. Our goal is to journey with people as they follow the relational way of Jesus and engage in sustainable personal and community transformation.

On top of our 35+ years of experience, we have developed various skills, such as life coaching and postgrad qualifications in theology and intercultural studies.

Our process of engagement is based on discussion, conversations and community exploration and is not set in stone but involves:

  • Helping people and community groups work together to unearth the hopes, dreams and passions within them.
  • Assisting people to develop organic pathways that help implement the hopes and dreams unearthed in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
  • Journeying through an interconnected process of change. We believe that wherever hopes and dreams are lived out, local culture and understanding changes.
  • Working with people as they create practical and sustainable pathways of change relative to the individual or community that enables integrated action to take place.
  • Providing accountable conversations and ongoing life coaching. 

Any journey of this kind is organic and needs to be specific to its setting; it will be flexible, take time; and require open, accountable relationships and a long-term perspective. 

It will also require everyone involved to be open, vulnerable, and willing to work with others locally or globally. 

The result is that people will positively engage and support each other. They will also actively and practically love God and their neighbours and participate in transforming their environment.

If you want to help us in helping others, you can joinour support community and donate through Impact Giving or contact us directly.  

· If you wish to read the story, look at chapter 37 in the Prophecy of Ezekiel, also known as the Book of Ezekiel.


Created a safe community for people infected or affected with HIV

Created a charity in the UK that enabled those with no voice to be heard that has developed to support young people, the lonely and women caught in sex work.

Assisted in creating networks and partnerships between USA Church communities and Mexican church communities that enabled them to work together to support the vulnerable in economically deprived areas of a city.

Assisted in the development of a unique faith community that met the needs of the vulnerable and those who struggled with church structure

Helped faith communities create safe places in the USA that supported those vulnerable to human trafficking and assisted survivors of human trafficking to flourish.


We are working alongside a village church community in the UK engaging together and exploring the practical and spiritual desires God had placed within them. Journeying with them and creating pathways to engage the local community with the love of Jesus through these God-given desires and highlighting the stories that God creates.

Out of this community has developed creative ways of being a church; Artisan Bread Making workshops, that shared skills and supported local vulnerable people and survivors of human trafficking in India. A Food Bank supported by a network of other churches and local people; innovative music initiative that supports churches, charities and music events in the surrounding towns and villages.

Alongside this endeavor, we are journeying with people & organisations across the UK who are expressing their faith in various ways; some out of a pub or coffee shops, others in houses, others across international borders, others through urban support projects.

If you would like to know more please contact us,