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We are delighted to introduce ourselves, we are a couple driven by a passion for supporting individuals, charities, organizations, and faith communities in achieving their hopes and dreams. Our journey has been fueled by our faith in the physical and spiritual teaching of Jesus of Nazareth and the active love that he showed.  It has taken us across continents, allowing us to see the reality of this teaching and make a meaningful impact in various corners of the world.

Initially we were involved in a grassroots intuitive in the UK before embarking on a transformative experience in India. There, we worked alongside people and communities affected and infected by HIV, creating structures that provided support, care, and compassion. We strived to create a nurturing environment that fostered hope, resilience, and empowerment, ensuring that those facing adversity could embrace a future full of possibilities.

In the vibrant landscape of the United Kingdom, we established a faith based charity aimed at empowering those with no voice in society as well as helping develop an educational music programme. Through these and other initiatives, we have worked alongside individuals and communities, offering our support to turn aspirations into reality. Whether it’s providing resources, guidance, or simply lending a helping hand, we believe that the practical and supernatural power of collective action and collaboration will create lasting change.

Communities affected by gang violence on the USA/Mexico border were also an area where we assisted faith groups in the US and in Mexico to work together. We recognized the unique challenges economically poor and deprived communities face and partnered with a US and Mexican organization and churches, local faith communities, organizations and individuals to bring about positive spiritual and physical change.

Human trafficking is an issue that deeply resonates with our hearts and in California we journeyed with survivors, working tirelessly to connect people together to create safe communities who could provide support and resources needed to rebuild lives. Our commitment to advocating for the rights of the marginalised and creating a world free from exploitation has fueled our determination to make a tangible difference in lives.

Moreover, we are passionate about grassroots development within faith communities in the United Kingdom, recognizing the immense impact faith can have on individuals and communities. To this end we have worked with a small faith community in South Oxfordshire and have actively engaged in initiatives aimed at empowering people to be at the forefront of creating and driving positive integrated grassroots change. By fostering collaboration, understanding, and compassion, we believe and have seen that faith communities can become catalysts for social transformation and collective well-being.

Currently, we balance our time between a role at Springwater, mentoring through our Re-Conn-Tore platform, developing the E37collective and being part of the Skylark network.

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