Kevin & Linsey have lived in various places around the world connecting their passion, faith and practical skills in personal, community and organisational development.

They have initiated action and worked alongside others in the construction, healthcare, education, charity and faith based sectors of society in an integrated manner. They have worked with various types of individuals in differing organisations that were led by several contrasting leadership styles. In each of these places they have sought to express creative solutions that facilitate and support people in challenging circumstances.

This journey has connected them with young people, men, women and children impacted by HIV, those in deprived and marginalized communities and vulnerable people impacted by human trafficking.

In the past, they have worked with local health authorities, in the construction business,   with Interserve UK & India, CMS India, Oasis India and assisted a faith based charity located in both the USA and Mexico. Their travels took them to work with Oasis USA working again human trafficking and in organisational and operational transition. On this journey Kevin founded the Mustard Tree Foundation (Reading), a community development charity, and Linsey completed two MA’s from Fuller Theological Seminary in Intercultural studies and theological reflection on mission (MAICS and ThMICS). They have been part of several grassroots development day-today operations as well as various management and board structures. Both were also part of the leadership team that founded ‘The Refuge’ a transformative faith based missional community in Colorado.

Currently, they balance their time between their role as senior leaders at the Springwater Church Community, mentoring, developing the E37collective and being part of the Skylark network.