Welcome to Re-Conn-Tore!

An ancient story that highlights what we seek to do comes from a manuscript written over 2500 years ago yet has resonance for us today.

In this manuscript, called the Book of Ezekiel, there is a story that tells of a man called Ezekiel. This story is a powerful vision that speaks to the themes of renewal, connection and restoration.

In this vision, Ezekiel finds himself in a valley filled with dry and lifeless bones. But at God’s command Ezekiel speaks and the bones connect together, bone to bone, sinew to sinew and are finally covered with flesh, illustrating the renewing power and partnership of human and divine intervention in bringing unity and wholeness. As Ezekiel continues to speak as directed by God, God calls breath into the bodies bringing resources from the North, South, East and West and as breath enters into these bodies it creates new life and vitality.

This miraculous transformation represents the restoration of people and a community from a state of dryness and despair to a renewed existence filled with hope, purpose, and divine presence. The story of Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones is a powerful reminder that transformation can occur within lives even in the most lifeless and despairing situations, and it offers a way for us to REnew, CONNect and ResTORE our hope, dreams and desires.

Hence Re-Conn-Tore.

Re-Conn-Tore is a platform dedicated to supporting communities in their journey towards renewal, connection, and restoration. Our approach is faith based and rests on the teaching of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. By focusing on the fundamental aspects of our God-given potential, Re-Conn-Tore seeks to help communities and individuals reimagine and create integrated  pathways for their hopes, dreams, and passions.

Re-Conn-Tore also facilitates connections with diverse networks and resources that seek to enable individuals, organisations and faith communities to work together, flourish and make a lasting impact. By harnessing the power of community action. Re-Conn-Tore strives to assist individuals to be involved in restoring their sphere of influence into healthy, safe places of influence and love, fostering an environment where people can thrive and embrace their potential.